In order to help achieve a sustainable planet, EURO STRAWS is committed to pursuing our eco-friendly solutions, and to promoting environmental awareness throughout society.

Plastic Straw Pollution

Plastic pollution is having a greatly negative impact on our oceans and wildlife health, and plastic straws are one of the easiest sources of pollution. It is finally becoming a major focus of recent environmental campaigns. More and more countries are taking actions to ban plastic straws and are searching for replacement solutions.



As many as 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world's beaches.


320 million tons of plastic produced annually worldwide.


8 million tons of plastic waste in the sea.


It takes 200 years for plastic straws to degrade, but they do not degrade completely.


Less than a fifth of all plastic is recycled globally.


More than a million marine mammals, turtles, and sea birds are killed by plastic pollution annually.
Statistic Sources: National Geographic, BBC, Eunomia, Our World in Data, sas.org, phys.org


In September 2017, The Guardian accounted that tests show billions of people globally are drinking water contaminated by plastic particles, where 80% of the samples taken are found to be polluted. Chemicals and pathogens can harbour nano-plastic, and enter human bodies and organs. Scientists are testing how nano plastic affects the human health.

The major sources of increased micro-plastic pollution cannot be fully traced, but those so-called green products with reduced plastic can be. We have zero tolerance for plastic agents usage, they are strictly prohibited in our development. Being entirely environmentally friendly can only be achieved without any plastic agents.

Muž s nápojem


Various eco-products have flooded the market for several years, and many of them are advertised as “Made with natural plant fibre.” In fact, 10 to 90 percent of plastic is subtly added without further notice.

“Reducing” the use of plastic is indeed one way of being more environmentally friendly. After years of failure in research and development, many of our business partners suggested that green plastic is an optional biodegradable agent. However, no matter how green the plastic claims itself to be, it is impossible to degrade itself in nature. Green plastics are compostable only in commercial compost facilities. If those green plastics are added and being littered as degradable products, what happens to the remaining plastic?


EURO STRAWS is determined to change the way the world uses disposable products. These Natural Fibre Straws are sourced from sustainable fibres, and we are committed to eliminating the use of any type of plastic. These fully biodegradable straws are the first step in building a better tomorrow.